Buy batteries, earn rewards

batteriesPurchasing select Energizer batteries and some other Energizer products offers a bonus for the household budget.

Information from the packages may be redeemed for rewards ranging from $2.50 to $50 toward a home’s utilities fees.

Energizer’s Utility Reward program allows participants to specify their rewards dollars be allocated to a utilities account. Or they may donate their rewards to Habitat for Humanity. Utilities accounts may be cable, satellite, gas, phone, electric or water.

The rewards are available by purchasing select Energizer batteries and other products and submitting their corresponding codes on a form available online. Most codes are on specially marked packages.

Information about the program, which runs to March 31,  is featured on the website.

Up to two reward requests may be submitted for each  person’s household or email address. The maximum value of each reward is  $25, based on the number of codes provides — from 2 to 10. The program requires participants be at least 18 years old in most states, and at least 19 years old in Nebraska and Alabama. For information, phone 212-907-7128

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