Miami on the Cheap is where residents of South Florida turn for information on where to go, where to eat and what to do on a budget. We’re a community news site and a community resource, publishing new articles daily under the direction on how to get the best value in Miami. Miami on the Cheap, founded in 2009, provides information on free things to do, discounts and deals in Miami-Dade County. It’s the go-to resource for South Floridians who want to get the most bang for their entertainment bucks.

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Local businesses and arts organizations need local customers. Advertising at Miami on Cheap is one of the easiest, most affordable and most effective ways to get your business in front of savvy, action-oriented Miami-Dade customers. We offer:

  • Banner advertising
  • Advertising in our daily email blast
  • Sponsored posts
  • Social media campaigns
  • Giveaways and other custom opportunities 

The Audience

Miami on the Cheap has a very targeted audience: people who are looking for free and cheap things to do, bargains, discounts and deals in the Miami area. Our readers are savvy, smart and ready to spend their money when they find the right deal at the right price. Since its inception in January 2009, Miami on the Cheap’s readership has grown rapidly. The site realizes an average of 90,000 visits a month, with more than 60,000 unique visitors and 215,000 page views.

Advertising Opportunities

  • Banner Ads: Miami on the Cheap can post your banner ad link it to the website of your choice. Banner ads are available in the sidebar, in the main content area and within specific posts or pages.
  •  Daily Email Ads: Miami on the Cheap can insert your banner ad into our daily email newsletter, which is distributed every weekday morning at 10:30 a.m.
  • Sponsorship of a specific page: These pages see high traffic, some year-round and some seasonally. You can sponsor a bag with a banner ad or text ad linking to your site or product.
  • Sponsorship of a specific post: These recurring posts see high traffic, some year-round and some during specific times of the year. They are a way to ensure maximum viewership of your product or service. If you have a specific type of post where you’d like to see your ad, let us know and we can make a suggestion for the best fit.
  • Your custom deal or coupon: Choose the discount you want, the timing you want and share your deal or coupon with our readers, who will come directly to you to purchase rather than via a third party.

Sponsored Posts: Creative content underwritten by a business or organization. These conform to the style of Miami on the Cheap but are written in partnership with the sponsor to promote a specific deal, business or event. A Sponsored Post package includes content customized for the Miami on the Cheap audience, as well as social media outreach using specified hashtags or links on Twitter or Facebook.

Giveaways: Our readers love to enter to win. We can offer giveaways of a product, service or event tickets. Giveaways include a post, plus social media promotion on Facebook and Twitter.

For rates and questions, contact us at You can see some of our advertising options here.

Combination deals are available if you’d like your ad to appear on more than one of the Florida sites: Miami FL on the Cheap, Fort Lauderdale on the Cheap, Palm Beach on the Cheap, Florida Keys on the Cheap, Orlando on the Cheap, Jacksonville on the Cheap, Tampa Bay on the Cheap and Florida on the Cheap.


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