Disney on Ice Rockin’ Ever After discounts

disney-on-ice-rockin-eve-afterDisney On Ice: Rockin’ Ever After is coming to the American Airlines Arena March 26-30 and to the BB&T Center in Sunrise Mach 20-23. You can see selected performances at a discount from ScoreBig.

The average buyer is getting 10% off tickets to Disney on Ice Princesses and Heroes, but we have a promo code that could get you an even better deal. CHEAP40 gives you $40 off an order of $90 or more,  at checkout, based on full price. Or, you can bid for a percentage off. You’ll have to do some math to figure out which is the best choice.

Here’s how ScoreBig works:

  • Sign up (it’s FREE).
  • Select the event you want and where you want to sit. You choose a section, but not the exact seat.
  • Click on the words “Promo Code” at top right.
  • Choose your event and your date. You’ll see two buttons, a green one that says “Apply Promo Code” and a blue one that says “Make Offer.” Now you have to make a choice.This is where you do the math.
  • Let’s say you are making an offer on tickets that sell for $50 each. You will see that the promo code will give you $20 off each one, for a total of $80, so the two tickets will cost $60, or $30 each.
  • Now click on Make Offer and see what the current likely discount is. If the tickets are going for 10% off, you’ll get them for $40 each, or $90. That makes the promo code a better deal. If tickets are going for 25% off, the two tickets will cost $75, or $37.50 each, making the promo code still the best offer. But if the tickets are going for 50% off, the two tickets will cost you $50, or $25 each. That makes the “Make Offer” the better choice.
  • Once you’ve made a decision, click on Apply Promo or Make Offer.
  • If you choose Apply Promo, you’ll be taken to the payment screen. You will see the promo code applied and your total price. You enter your credit card number at this point.
  • If you choose Make Offer, enter the amount you’re willing to pay per ticket. You can see from the bar below your offer how likely it is to be accepted. Once you’re happy with your offer, click Review Offer.
  • If your bid is accepted, you’re notified instantly. If your bid is rejected, you can place a new bid.
  • Sometimes you’ll get a counter offer, which you are free to accept or reject.
  • No additional fees are added. The amount of your accepted offer is what you pay.

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