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10 Best South Beach Cheap Eats

Cheap eats do not at all have to equal less flavor or quality. If anything, one can often enjoy the tastiest food at some of the lower cost eateries and hole-in-the-wall joints around town.

Whether you prefer to sit out on Lincoln Road people watching, hanging out at a small local eatery or simply ordering delivery while enjoying some very tasty yet reasonably priced fare, we give you the insider info on where to go to keep your taste buds singing and your wallet happy.

Keep on reading to find out more about our favorite Best South Beach Cheap Eats.

Sriracha House

1502 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Best South Beach cheap eats - Sriracha House

Sriracha House takes its inspiration from South East Asian street food operations, serving up a rainbow of Asian-style noodles or rice, prepared to order, according to your personal specifications. Mix and match by choosing from 5 different noodles, white or brown rice or go all veg if you prefer.

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Flavor it all with one of 10 distinctive Pan-Asian sauces, such as Mongolian Tamarind, Thai Peanut or Vietnamese Green Curry, then add your choice of shrimp, chicken, tofu or other proteins, mix in some veggies like broccoli, bok choy and mushrooms and finish off with some crunchy toppings or flavorful herbs such as crispy garlic, cilantro or roasted peanuts. That's it. For about $10 you will have a fragrant bowl of yummy goodness just the way you like it!

Wash it down with one of their signature bubble teas or imported beers and wrap up your meal with a unique frozen Taiwanese dessert.

Hua Hua's Taqueria

1211 Lincoln Road
Miami Beach, FL, 33139
305-534.TACO (8226)
Sit outside or swing by for take-out at this innovative hole-in-the-wall taco joint that also serves burritos, nachos, grilled elote (corn on the cob) and tortilla bowl salads.

You can get three tasty and creative tacos or a fat burrito for around $10, salad bowls start at $9.99 and you can add optional toppings such as grilled meats, seafood or veg for a nominal extra charge. Taco varieties include crispy or grilled fish, chili shrimp, fried chicken, Al Pastor, grilled steak and veggie options such as the Magic Mushroom taco, or a fried avocado veg taco.

Wash it all down with a slushy Margarita or a Mexican soda.each cheap eats


Go-Go Fresh Food

926 Alton Road
Miami Beach, FL, 33139

Tucked in the inner corner of a mini strip mall it shares with a laundromat and some other eateries, longtime favorite Go-Go Pies has renamed itself Go-Go Fresh Food but still serves some of the best baked-to-order empanadas in town.

Also on the menu: Vibrant and eclectic salads, veggie burgers, soup and homemade strawberry lemonade. Choose from 18 different empanadas such as Caprese, Thai Peanut or Classic Argentine, 9 varieties of salads or, if you prefer, create your own to order. Our fave is the shrimp salad, with avocado, peas and cilantro dressing.

Empanadas are $3.29 each, salads start at $5.50 and soup at $3.30.

My Ceviche

235 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Best South Beach cheap eats - My Ceviche
Bright fresh flavors are the norm at this, the most hole-in-the-wall place among hole-in-the-wall places. Not much bigger than a closet, My Ceviche still manages to dish out some of the tastiest marinated, raw, and grilled seafood dishes in town.

Apart from their signature Ceviches which come in several variations – Rocoto-Asian-Yellow Aji, Asian etc., you can also get bowls, burritos, and tacos with your choice of tuna, fish, octopus or chicken. Quinoa, coconut rice, or salads, accompany your choice of bowls or burritos and their sides feature grilled corn, guacamole and tostones.

Make sure to enjoy some of their corn chips which have a blend of chili, lime and salt sprinkled on them for a tart and spicy gourmet touch.

El Chalan on the Beach

1580 Washington Ave
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Best South beach cheap eats - El Chalan on the Beach
El Chalan on the Beach was around waaaay before the Peruvian food craze hit all corners of Miami-Dade and has been delighting Miami Beach locals and visitors with delicious fresh seafood and Peruvian specialties at reasonable prices since 1997.

Prices have barely budged in those two decades at this family owned restaurant and portions are very generous and always accompanied by a basket of fresh baked bread and spicy green aji. Apart from a huge menu offering not only seafood and ceviches as well as Asian-inspired “Chaufas” (Peruvian style fried rice) and assorted steak and chicken dishes as well as the traditional “Huancaina” potatoes, El Chalan has daily soups for about $7.95 and a selection of grilled fish or meat sandwiches starting at $13.95.

Our favorite, however, is what we fondly refer to as the “Fish Mountain” listed on the menu as Jalea Mixta. This is a pyramid-shaped mound of fried fish, shrimp, calamari, mussels and octopus, topped with red onion, cilantro, and tomatoes and accompanied by yucca and tartar sauce. One of these is enough for two or three people and always a lot of fun to eat.

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Thai House

1137 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL, 33139

Lunch is where the deals are, at this Thai restaurant where combos are priced at $10.95 if you order delivery, take-out or dine in between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Choose from several options; Red, Green, Panang or Massaman curries, Pad Thai, Fried Rice or other fragrant Thai specialties such as Basil or Ginger sauce dishes.

Go all veg or pick between shrimp, fish, scallops, beef or chicken as your protein and expect lots of veggies, all served in generous portions. Soup or salad come with the lunch special as well as white rice.

An appetizer sampler of wontons, spring rolls and shrimp will set you back $5.95. Wash it all down with a traditional iced Thai coffee or tea.

Rice House of Kabob

1318 Alton Road
Miami Beach, FL, 33139
Best South Beach cheap eats - Rice House of Kebab

Longtime Persian neighborhood dine-in, delivery or take-out restaurant serves up tasty wraps, rice based platters or vibrant salads topped with perfectly seasoned grilled chicken, meat or fish.

Everything is made fresh from scratch daily and you can definitely feel the love coming through in their flavorful dishes. Best deals are the platters where you get a little bit of everything; basmati rice, your choice of protein, a loaded salad and a slice of pita. Top it off with their unique and silky Sumac sauce or flavorful herb vinaigrette dressing.

Lunch specials start at $10.99, and regular priced entrees hover between $10.95 and $15. Best South Beach Cheap Eats

Hiro's Sushi Express

1518 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

Hiro's Sushi Express serves some of the lowest-cost sushi and Japanese food in town. A small seating area is available at the restaurant and they are a great option for delivery or take-out.

With prices for nigiri starting at $1.25 and many dishes – including combos – running between $7.00 and $9.50 it is obvious that this place offers one of the best deals in town.

The selection of appetizers, specialty rolls, nigiri combo platters and lunch specials is very large and includes tempura and teriyaki specials as well as various noodle dishes.

Spitfire grill

405 15th Street
Miami Beach, FL, 33139

Doner Kebab is a thing in Europe, especially in Germany where this Turkish inspired street food, consisting of sandwiches filled with meats cooked on a vertical grill and, can be found far and wide.

Now open in Miami Beach, the Spitfire Grill serves up tasty and healthy doner sandwiches, wraps or salad bowls stuffed with antibiotic and hormone free chicken and meats and also uses organic flours for their home-made bread. Made from scratch sauces and an assortment of veggie toppings to customize your wraps or bowls allow you to create a meal just the way you like it. Sides include fries or hummus and vegetarian options are also offered.

Doner start at $9.99, salads will set you back $14.99 and platters $13.99. Best South Beach cheap eats

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