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Halloween face-painting idea: How to turn your kids into witches

This post is by Erika Monroy of AKIN Body Painting.

You don't need to be a professional artist to transform a girl into a witch for Halloween.

1. Paint a green base around the entire face, if you load a sponge the strokes will be more even. Leave unpainted around the eyes.
2. Using a brush loaded with light gray or silver color. Filled areas around the eye.
3. Make a dotted line approximately half inch above each eyebrow following the contour of eyebrows. With the same color draw two points at the height of each cheekbones and an oval on her left cheek, it will be the body of a spider.
4. Load a #2 brush with black paint. Draw a thick line on the eyebrows, to highlight the features. Add a thin line under each eye. Trace lines towards each gray point. On the left cheek, draw a web with thin lines. On the right cheek complete the spider using the gray oval as the body.

5. Put red paint on the lips and with black outline.

6. Paint a black spot at the tip of the nose to simulate a wart.

7. Finally sprinkle transparent glitter around the face. It is super important ask the girl to close her eyes to not to get glitter inside them.

Information and picture provided in part from Snazaroo

Guest blogger Erika Monroy is a body painting artist. See more of her work at AKIN Body Painting.

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