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After-school programs: Check out these affordable options in Miami

Back-to-School season is upon us, so it's time to start making plans for the new semester. 

If you're interested in enrolling the kids in after-school care, take a look at the programs that are available in Miami-Dade County. We've rounded up a list of programs that run from when the afternoon bell rings until 6 p.m. Mondays through Fridays.

It's a beautiful thing when kids get their homework done and still have time to play and exercise before getting home. These after-school programs are a huge help for parents who don't get out of work until later in the evening and need all hands-on-deck to keep the kiddos entertained.

Available Programs

  • Miami-Dade County Parks is offering the nationally acclaimed Fit2Play after-school and outreach programs from Aug. 17, 2022, through June 7, 2023, including winter and spring school vacation breaks. With 27 parks around the county offering the program, there's bound to be a convenient location for every parent. For $25 a week, Fit2Play participants (age 6-14), can get homework help, participate in sports, and be exposed to nature, science and the cultural arts. Financial aid is available, and transportation to Fit2Play locations is available for an additional fee. 
  • Fit2Lead Youth Enrichment & Sports (Y.E.S.) program, for youths age 12-14, aims is to empower through sports and recreation. The aim is for children to learn life and leadership skills through personal, academic, career and citizenship enrichment activities. Fit2Lead Y.E.S. is offered during the regular school calendar year: 3-7 p.m. weekdays at 12 county parks. A $15 registration fee applies. During the school week, staff will transport program participants from their school to the park.
  • The YMCA of Greater Miami offers after-school programs at specific school locations so there is no need to transport kids from school to a YMCA location. Programs include arts and crafts, sports and homework help, and a daily snack is provided. Locations are found at more than 20 Miami-Dade County schools. Financial aid is available. For updated costs, call 305-357-4000.
  • The City of Miami Parks & Recreation Department offers an after-school program from 2-6 p.m. weekdays for children age 6-13. The program includes sports activities as well as arts and crafts. There is a one-time $10 registration fee, and the cost varies by location. For more information, call 305-416-1300.

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