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Get 15% off dazzling wooden map decor

Meet the Enjoy The Wood map – a small idea that turned into a big reality! 

From a garage startup to $2 million on Kickstarter, the family-owned company Enjoy the Wood has gone from zero to woodcraft virtuosos.

Enjoy The Wood specializes in creating handmade wooden world maps with meticulous attention to detail. The maps are created from high-quality birch plywood and are unique pieces of home decor.

Photo: Enjoy The Wood

With little or no funds at times (but a big dream in their hearts), the Fostenko family set foot on the road to entrepreneurial fortune with all the bumps that gave them a launchpad for worldwide fame.

Through hard work and dedication, the brand soon developed an eco-friendly and meaningful home décor piece that transforms your home into a personal sanctuary.  

Today, a gorgeous wooden map can become part of your interior! As an illustration of places that you have not seen yet. As a symbol of comfort and family get-togethers. As a travel memory keeper adorned with photos witnessing your adventures. And as a constant reminder to never step back in the face of hang-ups, setbacks and headaches on your way to your dreams! 

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Photo: Enjoy The Wood


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