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Best Subway deals and specials

There’s no need to go underground to find a good deal on a great sub. The popular sub shop Subway is everywhere, preparing its signature Footlong sandwiches at affordable prices with limited-time and daily deals.

Subway specials and deals have made the sandwich shop a favorite with bargain hunters and frugal families. It’s the perfect place to grab a quick (and somewhat healthy) bite without breaking the bank.

While the fast-food industry is dominated by burgers and chicken, Subway stands out for its menu of sub sandwiches and salads.

Customers create their own custom sub from a wide variety of meats, cheeses, veggies and condiments, with more than 38 million different sandwich combinations possible.

The sub shop is also known for slathering on the savings – including Subway’s coupons, twofer offers and other specials.

As there are many ways to find discounts, hungry folks should read this guide to the top Subway deals and specials, so taking a bite of delicious sandwich does not take a bite out of your budget.

Subway Current Deals

Image: Subway

Subway Deals and Specials

Subway is known for offering coupons, specials and more offers that make your mouth and wallet happy.

Here are some of the top ways to save:

Subway BOGO

When Subway offers a BOGO, it’s usually for buy-one-get-one for 50% off or FREE Footlong subs.

The discount typically requires a coupon or promo code to be used when ordering. 

Check the chain’s social media for announcements as to when a Subway BOGO deal is available.

Subway Coupons

Subway is one of the few restaurants that still offers paper coupons.

Subway coupons can usually be found in many weekly newspaper inserts — every month or so. You may also receive them in the mail, so don’t be so quick to toss out that “junk mail.”

Subway MVP Rewards Loyalty Program

Subway offers a loyalty club for its most devoted customers — MVP Rewards.

Earn 10 points for every $1 spent, plus extra points when you order in the app or online.  Every 400 points equals $2 Subway Cash to use toward purchases.

The loyalty program has three member levels — Pro, Captain and All-Star. As you reach higher levels, you will increase your point earnings and enjoy exclusive offers.  

Plus, members receive birthday and member-anniversary freebies, exclusive offers and other ways to use their points.

Get more information about Subway MVP Rewards here.

More Deals at Subway

The biggest challenge in finding deals at Subway is that all locations are franchised.

As a result, price and participation varies by location. Even national promos may not be available at select locations, if the owner chooses not to participate.

The best Subway hack is to become a regular at your local shop, so you’re always “in the know” about your Subway’s specials, deals and discounts. Also, check the chain’s social media for current deals or coupons.

Fine Print

Because all locations are franchised, price, promotions and participation vary widely – even, at times, within the same market.

Just because one Subway location offers a specific special or accepts a particular coupon doesn’t mean the location a few miles away will offer or do the same. It’s wise to call ahead, if you’re trying to access a specific Subway special.

Subway App

Just like every other restaurant chain, Subway offers an app with benefits and perks. Most of all, the Subway app offers convenience and savings.

The app offers the following benefits:

Order from anywhere and get it quick with delivery, contactless curbside or from the pickup area inside your restaurant. 

Easily build your favorite sub with just a tap. You can even name your custom sub for easy reordering.

Join the Subway MVP Rewards by downloading the Subway app. Earn points on all your qualifying purchases to redeem for Subway Cash. Plus, get exclusive offers, surprise rewards and more.

Never miss a chance to save by keeping all of your deals in the palm of your hand.

Subway Menu

The Subway menu focuses on subs, sandwich wraps and salads made from a wide variety of deli meats, cheeses, veggies and condiments.

Subway doesn’t offer a standard value menu, as other chains do. A 6-inch sub usually costs around $6 to $7 and Footlongs are $9 to $10. Prices varies by location. 

The key to Subway’s menu is that customers can pick a basic sandwich and then customize it with their choice of toppings. Sub lovers can watch their sandwich being made right in front of them with the ability to ask for whatever customizations suit their tastes. 

Subway Menu Options

The chain offers its standard longtime line-up of Classic Sandwiches, including Black Forest Ham, Buffalo Chicken, B.L.T., Cold Cut Combo, Grilled Chicken, Meatball Marinara, Oven Roasted Turkey, Oven Roasted Turkey & Ham, Pizza Sub, Roast Beef. Rotisserie-Style Chicken, Steak & Cheese, Tuna and Veggie Delite.

Subway also offers a line-up of Subway Series subs in different categories, Deli Heroes, Cheesesteaks, Italianos, Chicken and Clubs. Customers can order by number for convenience. 

Subway bakes most of its breads in-restaurant every day, including Hearty Multigrain, Artisan Italian, Italian Herbs & Cheese and more. 

Subway also offers breakfast at select locations, including wraps and flatbreads. Choose from bacon, Black Forest Ham and steak with egg and cheese. Locations that serve breakfast open early – usually around 8 a.m.

What are the best sandwiches on the Subway menu?

Everyone has their favorites, and the most popular subs vary by city and region.

However, the Grilled Chicken & Bacon Ranch, Meatball Marinar and Classic Cold Cut Combo are among the most popular across the country. 

Is the Subway Footlong actually 12 inches?

Finally, if you’re talking about Subway, you have to ask, “Is the Footlong really a foot long?” It’s a tricky answer because the actual measurement created a legal issue for the chain back in 2013. A series of lawsuits from customers claimed the “footlong” sub was often falling an inch or so short.

After all the legal wrangling, customers can now rest assured the chain has implemented quality control measures to ensure customers are getting the sandwich as advertised – a full 12 inches.

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