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10 superstar ways to save at Regal Cinemas

Getting discounts at the box office can be as tricky as the latest suspense thriller or full of laughs like a comedy. Going to the movies can be an expensive adventure, especially for families. 

However, movie lovers can also be superstar savers at Regal Cinemas. Even those who must see new releases can save a few bucks. The key is to plan ahead and be flexible. Frugal film fanatics should never pay full-price at the box office or concession stand. 

Here are 10 blockbuster ways to save money at Regal Cinemas:

Regal Crown Club

Members earn points for every purchase — 100 points for every dollar spent at the box office and concession stand. In turn, points can be redeemed for FREE tickets, popcorn and soda, as well as movie merchandise.

Plus, members enjoy 25% off candy every Monday and 50% off popcorn every Tuesday. Members also get access to exclusive sneak previews and opportunities to earn bonus points. 

Membership is FREEsign-up online or at the box office.

Regal Unlimited

If you go to the movies often, join the chain’s movie subscription pass, Regal Unlimited, for blockbuster savings.

With membership as low as $18 per month, you can see as many movies as you want, whenever you want.

There are restrictions and rules, so review the program carefully before you join. Otherwise, you might be paying for a service that doesn’t benefit your budget. 

Value Days

Make Tuesday your go-to day for going to the movies and save big. 

Regal Cinemas offers Value Days at all locations with discounted tickets every Tuesday — starting at around $5 per ticket. Price varies by location.

There is an upcharge for premium formats, including 3-D, 4-D, IMAX and RPX. Special screenings are excluded. 

The discount is huge for true cinephiles because it includes new releases — a rarity in the world of movie discounts. 

The weekly offer is only available to Regal Crown Club members.

Bargain Popcorn

You can’t go to the movies without munching on popcorn, even better when you don’t pay full price. 

Every Tuesday, Regal Cinemas serves up a hot and fresh deal — 50% off any size popcorn. Bargain hunters will probably want to go with the large size because it includes one complimentary refill.

The offer is only available to Regal Crown Club members

Sweet Savings

Just as you need popcorn to complete the movie-going experience, there’s also the requisite candy that’s needed. 

Every Monday, Regal Cinemas serves up a sweet deal — 25% off any candy.

The offer is only available to Regal Crown Club members

Matinée Discount

Going to the movies during the day can not only make for a more relaxing experience,  but you can also save a few bucks in the process.

At most theater chains, including Regal Cinemas, matinée showtimes (before 6 p.m.) are always cheaper than evening shows — usually by two or three dollars. It’s one of the easiest ways to save a few bucks at the box office.

And, because there are fewer patrons during the day, it can be a more relaxing and quieter experience. 

Free Large Refills

Regal Cinemas offers a FREE refill (on the same visit) for both the large popcorn and large soft drink.

It’s a wise move for budget-conscious families or friends. Why pay for two or three small popcorns, when you can share a “big one” for less money? Think ahead and bring lunch or plastic bags to make sharing easier, especially with little movie-goers. And, because the size also includes one complimentary refill, simply make a second trip to the concession stand for your refill before the movie starts. Now, everyone in your group has popcorn. 

Tip: If you can only chomp on a single bucket of popcorn, still get your FREE refill after the movie and take it home for a midnight snack — just warm it up in the microwave. 

The complimentary refill also applies to a large soft drink. However, sharing can be a bit tricky, unless you don’t mind sipping from the same cup. For parents, ask for a few extra water cups at the concession stand and just pour each kid a little of the soft drink — enough to enjoy, but not spill. And, like the large popcorn, you can also grab your refill after the movie for a drink on the way home. 

There is a limit one refill each for both the popcorn and soda, so use them wisely. 

AARP Special

AARP members save $3 on a small drink and small popcorn combo — about 25% off regular price. To get the savings, show your AARP membership card at the concession stand.

Plus, members save up to 20% on Regal ePremiere Tickets purchased online. Tickets are valid at all Regal locations nationwide for all movies and showtimes.

Military Discount

Military pricing is available at select Regal Cinemas locations. For participating locations, click here.

The discount is available to veterans, both active and retired. Military pricing is only offered at the box office, not online. Proper ID must be presented at time of ticket purchase.

Senior Discount

It pays to be older and wiser, even at the box office. Regal Cinemas offers movie-goers 60 and older a discount on tickets — up to 30% off. The discount varies by location. 

Now, you’re ready to write the script on how to save money at Regal Cinemas — just remember to combine deals (when possible) for true blockbuster savings.

For example, with your Regal Crown Club account, check out a new flick on Tuesday at a discounted price and, also, grab a half-price popcorn at the concession stand. It’s even better because both transactions will earn points toward more savings. 

This post was reprinted with permission from our parent site, Living on the Cheap.

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