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How to save money on food delivery

Food Delivery.

We like it. It's easy, convenient and tastes delicious — but does it make sense when you're trying to save money? Not always. But if you shop it right, you can save money. South Florida on the Cheap takes on food delivery. 

Take for example, a recent order at a local Thai food restaurant. When I was craving Thai food, I opened up the UberEats app. After a quick search for Thai food, a BOGO offer popped up letting me know that a certain restaurant was offering a BOGO deal on Pad Thai. I entered in 2 orders of the Pad Thai, then went to my cart.

When I went to the field that said “add promo,” I looked to see what was available and added a percentage off deal (I knew delivery would add more money to the cost of the order so I decided to pick up the order instead of having it delivered). What would have been $18.65 per entree (or $37.30 + tax), ended up costing me just $15.96. 

Food Delivery | Photo by Fidel Fernando @fifernando on Unsplash

Photo by Fidel Fernando @fifernando on Unsplash

How to Save Money When Ordering Food Delivery

  • Get on the list: Sign up for the food delivery service's app and/or email list. You will automatically be notified of current promotions the company is running. 
  • Use promo codes and/or coupons: This is a highly competitive industry and these companies want your business. They will send you promo codes for any reason they can imagine — and they do it often. Check your email and/or the company's app and you could save 40% off easily. When you're thinking about ordering delivery, do a quick search for “delivery” in your email and see what comes up.
  • Search for promotions within the app: With many restaurants available on a food delivery app, they are all vying for your attention and many will offer promotion within the app itself. BOGO offer, $10 off here, $5 off there — It's time to take advantage of these bonus offers and maximize your savings. For double the savings, combine the in-app promo with a percentage off.
  • Free delivery: The delivery charge for different restaurants within a service will vary so be sure to check what each individual restaurant charges. 
  • Belong to multiple programs: There are multiple food delivery programs in any given area and each run a little differently. The prices on the delivery programs are not always the same as what you would pay if you order directly from the restaurant. Sign up for multiple programs and compare their food costs, delivery costs and extra fees to decide who to order from. 
  • Order lunch: Lunch will be cheaper than dinner so if you order earlier in the day, you'll save money.

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