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Cheap Craft Supplies and Activities from Resource Depot

South Florida summers can seem overwhelmingly oppressive, but you can beat the heat by staying indoors and getting crafty. Resource Depot, located at 2508 Florida Avenue in West Palm Beach is your go-to spot for crafting resources, classes, and treasures — saving time, money and the planet.

Photo/Resource Depot

Waste Not, Want Not with Resource Depot

Resource Depot is the hub of the recycling gurus and a non-profit organization that collects reusable items; buttons, beads, folders, cloth, basically anything that’s clean, safe and reusable, to support local educators and their students. The idea is to contain it all in the classroom and keeping it out of our landfills. But there’s so much more.

The community outreach is wide, offering people a place to come in and shop the stuff. Here you’ll find materials you can repurpose into arts, crafts or anything you can imagine.

Shop the Depot; Materials Marketplace or The TreasuRE and find bins brimming with bouncy balls, highlighters, markers and oh, so much glitter. Resource Depot is a great resource for families to take advantage of not only in the summer but during the school year for materials for school projects and supplies. Walk the aisles and find books, magazines, containers, fabric, paper, binders and more.

Get FREE Activity Guidance from Resource Depot’s Creative REsources

Enjoy the Depot’s online virtual Creative Reuse REsources with a treasure trove of crafting ideas organized by age and ability. Dive into these FREE resources and be inspired to create your masterpiece. New resources are added to frequently, so check back often. You can find all kinds of projects for children and adults of any age at these links:

Summer Resources from the Resource Depot for a Hands-on Summer

Don’t know where to start, but you want to get started crafting? The Resource Depot has hands-on activities to enrich kids (and adults) while teaching them social responsibility through environmental conservation.

Junk Hour in Person Classes are Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to noon, through July 28. Cost: $15 per class. Click here for class themes. Register here

Meet Up for Resource Depot’s FREE Hands-on Virtual Camp

Join the Resource Depot LIVE this summer with FREE fun and learning classes on ZOOM. Get hands-on learning activities from local experts each week. Virtual campers can review the schedule up to one to two weeks in advance for planning purposes. Sign up here to receive the advanced schedule

Session links will be sent 30 minutes prior to class and should join the session 15-30 minutes prior to class. *Materials are available for delivery. For more information about classes call, Luisa Vincent, community partnership specialist at (561)732-8066 x110 or email, The Depot offers Crafting Starter Kits for $5 to get started.  

You’ve Got Too Much Stuff, So Join the Green Revolution 

Learn how to live a little differently using Resource Depot’s mission: ENF as in enough already. If you’ve had enough of wastefulness, excess, throw-away thinking and consumer convenience you can download their Manifesto Playbook here

You’ve Got Too Much Time, Money or Stuff? Donate

The Resource Depot can always use a helping hand. Donate your time and talent, your money or your stuff right here

The Resource Depot is located at 2508 Florida Ave., in West Palm Beach. Please use street parking or park in the lot across the street. For more information call (561)882-0090 or visit the website or Facebook page.  


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