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USPS: Save 5% on Forever Stamps before Aug. 29

There’s “a little change” happening at the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) soon. Even though it may seem minor to some, it’s a change noteworthy to diehard bargain-hunters because they know small amounts add up over time.

Yes, once again, the USPS is increasing the rate on first-class postage stamp better known as a Forever Stamp. (For those keeping track, the last increase was on Jan. 27, 2019.)

The price of a Forever Stamp increases on Sunday, Aug. 29 — from 55¢ to 58¢. That means a book of 20 stamps will cost $11.60, up from $11. (FYI: The rate of a postcard stamp will also increase on the same day — from 36¢ to 40¢.)

As a result, now’s the time to stock up on Forever Stamps before the increase. The last day to buy Forever Stamps at the current rate of 55¢ is Saturday, Aug. 28.

In case you didn’t know, Forever Stamps are always valid for the current first-class stamp rate — regardless of any future rate increases.

If you use lots of stamps in your personal and/or professional life, it’s definitely worth the investment to buy several rolls or books of stamps now. If you can’t make it the post office, you can purchase stamps online at the current rate. Even better, the shipping charges are minimal.

As true blue bargain-hunters know, saving money is always paramount — whether big or small. Most people only focus on the big purchases and miss the savings on small transactions. The small savings add up quickly and often pay off more over time.

MHOTC Tip: Typically, Costco sells Forever Stamps at a small discount. If you’re a Costco member (or know one), you may want to check there for additional savings.

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