Promo codes: Up to 60% off Miami Heat tickets

The 2012 NBA champions Miami Heat are hotter than ever, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy full price for tickets. We’ve found a deal that will give you 10% to 60% off tickets to Miami Heat basketball (as well as the Miami Dolphins, the University of Miami Hurricanes and other sporting events such as the Nascar Sprint Cup in Homestead). Plus, we’ve got promo codes that will give you even better deals on some tickets, at least 35% off.

The deals are through ScoreBig, which is not a ticket broker but a company that works directly with venues, teams and promoters to sell excess tickets. It’s a little like Priceline for entertainment and sports tickets. You can read about how it works on our new Cheap Sports Tickets page.

You can see all the ScoreBig South Florida sports deals here.

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