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football-squareIt’s baseball season now, but football season and basketball season are not fair away. You can get Florida Marlins baseball ticket dealsMiami Heat basketball ticket deals, Florida Panthers ticket deals, Miami Dolphins ticket deals and Miami Hurricanes football ticket deals.

ScoreBig, which works with venues, teams and promoters to sell excess tickets, is offering discounts for Miami sporting events at up to 50% off. Plus, we’ve got some temporary promo codes that may give you an even greater discount.

ScoreBig is a little like Priceline. You name your own price, and ScoreBig tells you whether it’s accepted. The company tells you upfront what discount is likely. Offerings change frequently, so these deals may disappear in a few days, or other tickets for the same event may become available.

New customers can get $10 off a purchase of $30 or more with promo code HELLO10.

We’ve also got these temporary promo codes:

  • WALKOFF10: $10 off baseball ticket purchases of $90+ (new and returning customers, expires 9/30)
  • NOHITTER30: $30 off baseball ticket purchase of $150+ (new customers only, expires 9/30)
  • GRANDSLAM40: $40 off baseball ticket purchases of $250+ (new customers only, expires 9/30)
  • NFLKICKOFF25: $25 off NFL Pre-season ticket purchases of $150+ (new customers only, expires 9/4)
  • NFLKICKOFF10: $10 off NFL Pre-season ticket purchases of $150+ (new & returning customers expires 9/4)

In South Florida, ScoreBig has lots of discount sports tickets as well as concert tickets and tickets to touring Broadways shows. You can see all the ScoreBig South Florida sports discounts here and all the South Florida concert ticket discounts here.

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