Miami Marlins baseball 10% to 60% off

baseballphotoIt’s baseball season, and Miami Marlins baseball games are always better at a discount.

ScoreBig, a discount tickets company, is offering tickets to Marlins baseball games for 10% to 60% off. For most upcoming games, the discount is 25% to 50%.

ScoreBig is not a ticket broker but a company that works directly with venues, teams and promoters to sell off excess tickets. It’s a little like Priceline for entertainment and sports tickets. You can see the current Miami Marlins discounts here.

Here’s how ScoreBig works:

  • Sign up (it’s FREE).
  • Select the event you want and where you want to sit. You choose a section, but not the exact seat.
  • Choose your event and your date. Click “Make Offer.”
  • Enter the amount you’re willing to pay per ticket. You can see from the bar below your offer how likely it is to be accepted. Once you’re happy with your offer, click Review Offer.
  • If your bid is accepted, you’re notified instantly. If your bid is rejected, you can place a new bid.
  • Sometimes you’ll get a counter offer, which you are free to accept or reject.
  • No additional fees are added. The amount of your accepted offer is what you pay.

In South Florida, ScoreBig has lots of discount sports ticket. Click here to see all the current South Florida deals, including deals for 25% to 50% off the Miami Marlins, Miami Heat and several upcoming concerts.

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