Free Zakafest for Haitian Heritage Month

ZakafestThe rich culture, tradition and often untold history of the Haitian people is the central focus of Zakafest, a free family event that celebrates the Caribbean nation’s music, art and dance. The event is on Saturday, May 3, from 1 to 11 p.m. at the Little Haiti Cultural Center, 212-260 NE 59 Terr., Miami.

The first three hoursfeature workshops on Haitian folklore dance by master dancer Manno Merisier, a drumming workshop by master drummer Sanba Zao, a Dance Kompa workshop by Sofie Gilot and a discussion on Bois Caiman or the gatherings before the Haitian Revolution by Dr. Gilles. The remainder of the afternoon features performances by traditional Haitian dance troupes, an Afro-Cuban folk dance group, Haitian singers and DJ Moses and DJ Black spinning Haitian hip-hop.

Call 954-646-9932 for more info.

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