Free jazz at MDC: Jamey Aebersold

jazz-at-wolfsonThe Arts and Philosophy Department at Miami Dade College will kick off the 15th season of its successful jazz series, Jazz at Wolfson Presents, with free jazz concerts from September through April. Most of the performances will be at noon on Wednesdays, but a few are at other dates and times.

Here’s the schedule:

  • Wednesday, Jan. 22: Noon. Lisanne Lyons, vocalist.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 19: Noon. Chris Dingman, vibraphonist.
  • Tuesday, March 18: 5:40  p.m. Wolfson Jazz Ensembles.
  • Wednesday, March 19: Noon. Lynne Arriale, vocalist and composer.
  • Wednesday, April 9: Noon. Jamey Aebersold, saxophonist.

The free jazz concerts are all in the Wolfson Campus Auditorium, 300 NE Second Ave., Building 1, Room 1261, Miami. For information, contact Dr. Michael Di Liddo at 305-237-3930.

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