9 places to see free or cheap movies in Miami this week

movie-tickets-popcornThis week brings opportunities to see free and cheap movies indoors and out, including popular holiday movies from different times. As befit our multicultural city, you can see free moves not only in English but in Spanish and Italian (the last two with English subtitles).

Here are 9 places to see free or cheap movies this week throughoutMiami-Dade County:







Looking for other ways to see movies for less? Check out our Free and Cheap Movies page to find out when other theaters offer special prices.

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  1. Laurean says

    Call me a cheapskate but I love seeing vintage movies like “Grease” (because it REALLY is the word) for free at an outdoor or indoor venue. It allows me to be around equally obsessed fans who sing along with the movie like I do . . . at home . . . in my room . . . when NO ONE is around.

  2. Angela Ferrer says

    it says that free Soundscape movies start in october ???. are those the ones in miami ( movies on the lawn) ???