First free accessible electric car fast-charging station

Pinecrest logoThe first free and publicly accessible electric car fast-charging station in South Florida has been installed in the Pinecrest Gardens’ parking area. The first official use of the station will be at 5 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 4, at Pinecrest Gardens, 11000 Red Rd.

The station can charge an electric car in a fraction of the time it takes to charge with a regular charging station. For example, a Nissan LEAF can be charged from zero to 80 percent in less than 30 minutes. Other vehicles may take more or less time to achieve a similar charge.

The fast charger is capable of charging at 44kW, compared to regular charging which runs at approximately 6kW. The fast-charger can be used by drivers of Nissan, Mitsubishi and Tesla electric cars.  Tesla electric car owners need an adapter in order to charge.


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