Find free tax help in Miami-Dade

If you still haven’t done your taxes, it’s not too late to get free help.

If you do your own tax return and your adjusted gross income is $57,000 or less, you can file free from the IRS website, using Free File software. Anyone can file free with free fillable forms.

A number of companies, organizations and volunteers provide free tax-filing help in South Florida. Most of the free assistance is for people whose tax situation is relatively simple, but it never hurts to ask. Some programs have income limits for free assistance.

Here are places you can get free tax help in South Florida:

Looking for more last-minute tax tips? You can get more tips on what you can still to to save money on your taxes (or how to get an extension) in this article I wrote for The Miami Herald or this article I wrote for Living on the Cheap.

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