Ben & Jerry’s sundaes: buy 1, get 1

benjerrysundaeMonday, Aug. 31, is the last day for Sunday Monday at Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shops.

On Monday, you can indulge in buy one, get one free sundaes at Ben & Jerry’s.


  1. laura zurro says

    I went to Ben and Jerry’s in Coral Gables today and they refused to honor this without some sort of coupon. Evidently they had a lot of people asking today and turned everyone down. Is there a coupon for thes? Did it come direct from Ben & Jerry’s?

  2. Katherine says

    The Ben and Jerry’s at Aventura Mall said to my husband when he went with the kids two mondays ago to try to get this deal: “don’t know what you are talking about”. So no deal there either. Yes, it’s advertised on the Ben and Jerry’s site (no coupon required), but the franchises (at least in Coral Gables and Aventura) seem in the dark about it. Very disappointing — they should list the participating locations on the Ben and Jerry’s website or communicate with their employees!