$3 off popcorn at Regal Cinemas

Given the expense of movie tickets, saving a few bucks at the concession stand is always helpful. This month, get $3 off any popcorn at Regal Cinemas. Access the mobile coupon here. The coupon is valid through Aug. 31. Each coupon is one-time use per mobile device. However, you can use a coupon once per day — just access a “new” coupon via the link each time. (If you want to use two coupons on a single visit, you’ll have to access the coupon from two different mobile devices and may need to redeem each one in a separate transaction.)

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No printed coupons will be accepted. You must show the coupon on your mobile device to get the discount. With the coupon, at most locations, a small popcorn is $3.25, a medium is $4.25 and a large is $5.25. For groups (or popcorn lovers), the best value is the large because it comes with a FREE refill.

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